Grace Communion Perth

Who we are

Grace Communion International places great emphasis on the gracious triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Our pastors and the people they serve, point others toward the Triune God, helping them participate in the love and life of God, in union with Christ, by the Spirit.

We are inclusive informers, teachers, and pastor-theologians who pursue God’s Word (the Living Word, Jesus, revealed in the written Word, the Bible). It is our quest to follow where Jesus, by his Word and Spirit, leads.

We are passionate about equipping, training, and proclaiming the relational nature of the triune God. Our goal is healthy churches who seek to be a part of God’s renewing work in the world.

We are intentional about developing leaders, and new and renewed churches that grow and multiply. In faith, we lead into the liberated love and life of the Father, Son and Spirit. Our consistent effort is high support with high challenge, grace always.

Grace Communion International is a trusted theological voice. We have shown ourselves willing to lose it all so that we may gain Christ. We seek to help those who join with us embrace and share the love of God in genuine ways.

Some people ask, “What are your distinctives—what makes you different, or superior?” The answer is that we aren’t in competition with other churches. We simply strive to be the healthiest expression of the Christian church we can be. Through Jesus, by the Spirit, we seek to proclaim the Good News in all of our communication and in all the ways we interact with others. The Gospel about Jesus really is good news for everyone—that’s the message you will hear and experience in Grace Communion International.